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BP Solar supplied and developed a 36.9 MW ground mounted, fixed tile photovoltaic solar-array system, which was purchased by the Long Island Power Authority and is hosted by Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, New York.

This utility-scale solar energy project, situated on 195 acres, provides enough power to sustain more than 6,500 households.  Environmental benefits include avoiding greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 34,000 tons of CO2/year, 36 tons/year of NOx, and 83 tons/year of SO2.  Additionally the project created clean energy jobs locally, and contributed to US energy diversity and security.

The project, which began Summer, 2010, was completed December 2011. CenterPoint Engineering’s design services for the PV project included:

  • civil, structural and electrical design for site preparation
  • panel mounting system
  • DC wiring
  • inverter design
  • AC wiring
  • transformers
  • relay and controls
  • utility interconnection