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Owner Immaculata University
Project Location Immaculata, PA
Partnership Crabtree, Rohrbaugh & Associates Architects
Renovation Budget $500,000
Square Footage 1,500 SF
Engineering Disciplines Mechanical, Electrical, Structural, Plumbing
Completion Date 2012
Awards & Certifications ADA Accessible

Known for excellence in its Home Economics, Nutrition, and Dietetics programs, Immaculata University determined to completely renovate and contemporize its aging Food Science Lab, located in Nazareth Hall.

The goals of the project were not only to bring the facility up to contemporary kitchen standards, but also to provide complete ADA accessibility.  The new space is outfitted with four (4) student cooking stations. One has been designed to be fully barrier free, and includes an adjustable hybrid induction cook-top, plus an accessible wall oven, counter, and prep sink.

An exhaust hood system operates over each cooking station, with a variable speed fan located in the attic to provide make-up air for hoods operating in any combination.

The lab serves many functions throughout the academic year. It provides space for program lectures, experimental cooking classes, general nutrition classes, and banquet-style receptions. In support of these uses, storage and student cooking stations are located along the perimeter of the room, leaving the center space open to lecture, group, or buffet seating arrangements.  Mobile demonstration stations with a remote A/V system broadcast live video instruction to flat panel monitors located at each student prep area, allowing great flexibility in educational setting and size.

Other amenities within the lab include:

  • a “quick-wash” industrial dishwasher with two minute cycles built-in
  • stainless refrigerator and freezer units
  • hybrid induction electric range ovens
  • ceiling mounted stainless range hoods
  • drawer style microwaves
  • double basin prep sinks
  • walk-in pantry closets

Maintaining the aesthetics of the Nazareth Hall building was a particular challenge in the mechanical design of this project, because it was necessary to penetrate stone exterior walls that face the main quad on campus.