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Owner BP Solar
Project Location Fredrick, MD
New Construction and Renovation Budget $70,000,000
Square Footage All buildings at 140,000 SF
Engineering Disciplines Structural, Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing, Project Management & Architectural Design
Completion Date 2004 - 2012

BP Solar – Eight Year Open-End Services and North American Headquarters

BP Solar was once the largest fully integrated solar plant in the US. The expansion of its North American Headquarters in Maryland doubled the organization’s corporate office space and silicon processing capacity, and further expanded the plant.

Plans called for construction of 140,000 SF building space, plus the relocation and integration of local warehousing and shipping facilities.

Additionally, CenterPoint provided engineering design, project management and construction management services for over 150 projects spanning eight years, including five years of full time, on-site project management.

Projects ranged from maintenance replacement projects, to $4 million and $12 million casting building and casting furnace expansions.